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365 | A Day in the Life – May 2015

This past Tuesday I decided to participate in the Ali Edward's " Day in the Life " challenge. This was our standard Tuesday. Hope you enjoy :)
By : Heather Moyer | May 14, 2015

365 | Week 18 – Bored faces, Kitties, + Sword Battles – 2015

Follow along with my Project 365 for Week 18.
By : Heather Moyer | May 7, 2015

ILLUSTRATION | Store Update – Thanksgiving Prints Edition

Want to spruce up your thanksgiving? Get some thanksgiving inspired illustrated  food prints in digital download format for a quick and cute solution! I whipped these up for my own personal thanksgivingRead More...
By : Heather Moyer | Apr 21, 2015

365 | December Daily – Getting Ready! 2013

So, I have decided to do this whole “December daily” thing much championed by Ali Edwards and popularized throughout the memory keeping community. I have struggled with getting back into scrapbooking afterRead More...
By : Heather Moyer | Apr 15, 2015

FOUND | Spring / Outside Decor Edition – 2014

Are you feeling the spring yet? I am still suspicious of this new found warm weather (considering that it was FREEZING like … oh 2 days ago) but I am getting excitedRead More...
By : Heather Moyer | Apr 14, 2015

DIY | Making a Boy’s Quilt

A quilt is one of those projects I have always planned/dreamed about/started but never completed (there is a prolly but of entries on this very blog!) . There is something kind ofRead More...
By : Heather Moyer | Apr 14, 2015

FOUND | April – X Files, Cameras, Ghost, and Navy/Fuchsia Things – 2015

All the best April finds - featuring X Files, Cameras, Ghost patches, and all things Navy/Fuchsia
By : Heather Moyer | Apr 1, 2015

ILLUSTRATION | Illustrated Outfits

Lately I have been having a ton of fun participating in the Outfit of the Day (OOTD) fun… but I will be honest with you… I don’t dig setting up a cameraRead More...
By : Heather Moyer | Nov 8, 2013

WCW | Golden Girls

To say I am a Golden Girls fan is a gross understatement. I LOVE these ladies & I can’t help but watch any rerun that is available at any moment. They areRead More...
By : Heather Moyer | Oct 13, 2013

365 | Photo an Hour – Spend a Lazy Sunday with Us

I have always wanted to complete a ‘ Photo an Hour ’ challenge but I always forget an hour here or there… or even forget I’m doing the project halfway through the day. I finally made it though! Here is a glimpse of our life on a lazy sunday! Hope you enjoy!
By : Heather Moyer | Sep 16, 2013

WORN | Organizing the Kiddo + His School Clothes

So around here we are all about simplicity in terms of kiddo management. My son likes to *match* but the concept is a fairly confusing to him. So every year when weRead More...
By : Heather Moyer | Aug 9, 2013

EVENT | Mario Themed Birthday Party

It’s coming up to that time of the year … my kiddo’s birthday! I LOVE throwing birthday party ( a lot!) but I think its good to do every couple of yearsRead More...
By : Heather Moyer | Jul 23, 2013


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