Posted by  •  November 21

Want to spruce up your thanksgiving? Get some thanksgiving inspired illustrated  food prints in digital download format for a quick and cute solution!  I whipped these up for my own personal thanksgiving decorations (pictures coming!) but I thought I would give anyone who needed a little Thanksgiving sprucing...

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November 21  • 

DECEMBER DAILY — Getting Ready!

So, I have decided to do this whole "December daily" thing much championed by Ali Edwards and popularized throughout the memory keeping community. I...

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November 8  • 

ILLUSTRATION OF THE WEEK : Illustrated Outfits or OOTD

Lately I have been having a ton of fun participating in the Outfit of the Day (OOTD) fun... but I will be honest with you... I don't dig setting up a...

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November 5  • 


Welcome to the Teal & Orange edition of this weeks Craigslist Finds for the Chicago Area... Well I guess every week could be Teal & Orange...

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October 31  • 

ILLUSTRATION — Hipster Halloween Monsters

Happy Halloween everybody! I've been working on this idea for awhile and I am excited to share... introducing the hipster Halloween...

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October 30  • 

MY DIY — Robin Doggie Costume

Okay, so this is a BIT close to the wire for costume making but I thought I would share anyway! Do you need a cape for your little doggie but you...

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October 30  • 

MY DIY — Neon Vampire Teeth Garland

Are you ready for a lil' last minute halloween themed decor? How about a garland made of vampire teeth... spoooooky!   It's a basic lil...

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