This past Tuesday I decided to participate in the Ali Edward’s ” Day in the Life ” challenge. This was our standard Tuesday. Hope you enjoy 🙂 All times are in “ish” times, meaning +/- 30 minutes from the start time and lasting until the next listed block of time. If you would like to see another Day in the life kinda post, I did a photo an hour a couple years ago here.

A DAY IN THE LIFE | 6:40 am - Waking up sights + Showertime | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365


WAKING UP | It sounds weird but waking up is one of my favorite things to do during the day! Every morning I get a cuddle fest for at least one snooze cycle. I love how precious that time can feel. GETTING READY | This morning I gave myself a bit to shower. Sometimes I am first in the shower, sometimes I am last.


A DAY IN THE LIFE | 7:00 am ish - Silly + sleepy  | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365


POST SHOWER | I very much love my batman robe. It brings me a smile to my face. BOY AWAKENS | For the first 15 – 20 minutes the kiddo wakes up he is in a general groggy fog. This is my favorite time to be overly cheerful and generally obnoxious.

A DAY IN THE LIFE | 7:00 am ish - Making lunches for boys + getting to work (from home) + making 'to do' lists | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365


MAKING LUNCH | Every morning I make my the guys lunches and kick myself for not making them the night before. EVERY morning. GETTING TO WORK | I work remotely from home, so I dont have a hassle of a commute or anything. I do have the hassle of trying to get out of my pjs. TO DO LISTS |  I start out every morning making various ‘To Do’ lists – work, personal, projects – they all get their own list. It keeps me sane and if I dont do it, I run around the entire day not getting anything done.

A DAY IN THE LIFE | 8:00 am ish -Managing to get dressed + Goodbyes to C + pet cuddles  | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365


GETTING DRESSED | At some point in the morning I managed to get a semblance of an outfit together , which is pretty much my standard outfit = Dress, cardigan, + Infinity scarf. GOODBYES | We say goodbye to C as he bikes his way to the commuter train. CUDDLES | The animals are obsessive attention seekers and if you sit anywhere they are all over you.

A DAY IN THE LIFE | 8:30 ish - putting the latest book read on my shelf + walking to the bus  | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365


 BOOKS | I just finished up the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline that we got in our latest Loot Crate. I really enjoyed the book and was still thinking about it the next morning as I put it away. BUS TIME | We walk to the bus stop every morning with Zelda pulling along excitedly and V forgetting to tie his shoes.

A DAY IN THE LIFE | 9:00 - 10:00 am ish - The lists just keep getting longer + breakfast + video presentation  | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365



 TO DO | That to do list I mentioned earlier? It is getting LONG and the things highlighted are the things completed… so getting things accomplished? Doesn’t feel like it. This feeling follows me all day. BREAKFAST | A simple breakfast of oatmeal. I wish it was fancy with topped fruit but my tastes are very plain and getting fruit near warmth is a major “no no “. MEETING |  I had a presentation that took up a good portion of the morning.

A DAY IN THE LIFE | 10:30 ish to 11:30 ish - listening to podcasts + having lunch + puppy cuddling  | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365


 GROOVE | When I started getting into the work groove, I turned on a podcast – my newest favorite – My Brother, My Brother, and Me . I have been slowly going thru their back catalog. LUNCH TIME |  I have my standard lunch meal – pita with turkey + cheese, popcorn, and vanilla yogurt. Also during lunch time – full on Zelda cuddles.

A DAY IN THE LIFE | Noon to 3 ish - Considering spots to hang + more podcasts + kitty cuddles  | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365


 CONSIDERATIONS | Before going back to work I take a moment to consider where to hang one of my newest thrifts. MORE | Back at work I listen to some more podcasts and get an insistent snuggle monster on my lap and in my face. At this point, I have tons of cat hair on my dress.

A DAY IN THE LIFE | 4:00 ish - Waiting for the kiddo + general cleaning   | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365


 WAITING | After work, we go to the window to wait for V to come home – Zelda most excitedly of all. PICK UP | I go around and pick up all the living paraphernalia from around the general areas and make sure things are tidy. Before this picture there was a mountain of stuff on this table.

A DAY IN THE LIFE | 4:00 to5:00 ish - Homework + listening to Bette + communication | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365


HOMEWORK | V trys to get thru his math worksheet after some chores. LISTENING | I turn on some Bette Midler on the record player and belt out some “Stay with Me” in true dramatic fashion. COMMUNICATION | C tells me he is working late tonight so we decide to go out an do some running around.

A DAY IN THE LIFE | 5:00 ish - A run to Michaels, Menards, and Goodwill  | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365


 RUNNING AROUND | We go to Michael’s for fun craft stuff (and evidently fun socks) , Menard’s for fancy root beer for a surprise for C, and Goodwill for some rummaging.

A DAY IN THE LIFE | 6:00 - 8:00 ish - Dinner + projects + Movies  | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365


 DINNER | V + I go to Panera for dinner. I try something new and kind of wish I had gotten my standard Cheese and Broccoli soup. HANGING | Back at home, I work on a little fun project for my brother and we watch From Up on Poppy Hill to end the day.

A DAY IN THE LIFE | 9:00 pm ish Good nights + addictive games + welcome homes  | #aedayinthelife #photoanhour #365 #adayinthelife #makingmemories #photoproject #project365


 GOODNIGHT | Saying goodnight to a giggly boy. ADDICTIVE | I have been obsessively playing Clash of Clans but today was the first time I got attacked! Defenses held 🙂 HOME | C gets home and we all celebrate and end the day cuddling.

Thanks for following along ! Link me to any of your “A day in the Life” so I can see 🙂

  • I’m having fun taking a look at everyone’s Day in the Life. Looks like you got some great photos.

    • Thank you kindly! I love looking at a day in everyone’s life too. It is such a great little project 🙂 I like your “Day in the Life” pictures too!