Follow along with my Project 365 for Week 19.

124/365 | Sketches for an Exciting Project

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Really focusing and sketching on a exciting project after a long break feels really good. I have like a book full of thumbnails now 🙂 

125/365 | Mr. Kitty A photo posted by Heather (@imaginationsprinkles) on

My old little guy, still kicking it – being mean and grumpy – but still conversely totally wanting to be near us.

126/365 | Homework time

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Homework time around our house is a bit of a bummer so we try to switch up locations when we can.

127/365 | Care Package A photo posted by Heather (@imaginationsprinkles) on

I talked about this care package a bit in this post. I am already thinking about the next care package I want to send.

128/365 | What is this face?

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There are some times when you look at your child that you just see the “you” in them. Surprisingly this was one of them.

129/365 | Careful character sheet notes A photo posted by Heather (@imaginationsprinkles) on

Almost all of our Saturdays are spent playing some sort of DND anymore. We are mad cool nerds.

130/365 | My Mothers Day dates 🙂

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On mother’s day we had some breakfast stress but eventually we got to gorge ourselves as is appropriate during Mother’s Day. These two were my lovely dates and I couldn’t have been happier.

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