DIY - Care Package - Imagination Sprinkles - Front Image

I LOVE getting mail ( I think everyone kind of does) and I always like the idea of sending super cute mailings to all my far apart friends and family… but never usually get around to it 🙁 My brother recently needed a little edible pick me up from a couple of rough weeks so I decided to finally put together a nice care package.

DIY - Care Package - Imagination Sprinkles

First, I went shopping at a few stores including a fav, World Market (if you dont have one around you, you are missing out!)  and picked up some fun foods that can withstand travel and one might not get unless they are treating themselves. I also got three wrapping papers that I thought would contrast nicely, some ribbon, and some tags to write pithy things. I thought this mix would brighten any ones day  – much nicer than a bunch of stuff shoved in a box – though stuff in a box is always nice too.

What about you ? Sending any pretty packages to anyone lately? Share in the comments!