FOUND | APRIL – X Files, Cameras, Ghost, and Navy/Fuchsia Things |

April was a good month for finds! I am loving like all things this month 😀

1. Panda Slippers | It is physically impossible to not be in love with Pandas, FACT. These slippers are literally too effing much.

2. Scully Pillow | Is anyone else just over-the-moon about the new X Files episodes coming? I am so very excited!

3. Yellow Green Scarf | A color I never thought I would be *into*, Yellow Green + Infinity scarves is my jam! In fact, Infinity scarves for life.

4. Willy Wonka Art | I have a similar print of this of both Albert Einstein and Heath Ledger’s Joker and both are fabulous focal points in our house.

5. Navy / Fuchsia Color Block Dress | Two of my very most favorite colors in a color blocked dress… yes please! Side note:  I am in a constant war between geometric-y clothing and bohemian clothing. Someone please help me find my style 😀

6. Sony Alpha a6000  | I took me a minute to get the awesomeness of this camera because I was stuck in old schoolness but now I am drooling/begging/praying for one.

7. Locket | I have to say, I am in love with the idea of lockets and this one is so perfect.

8. Funko POP Disney Maleficent Vinyl Figure | I am truly a sucker for the villainess’s of  Disney. I relate to their swagger (but not their selfishness). I think I need a Maleficent for my ever growing funko collection

9. Ghost patch | I need this patch

10. Fuchsia Shoes | To match my dress 😉

11. Heart Shirt | Just Awesome. Baseball tee, check! Big heart, check!

12. Print | I love the wild things in all forms. This print is perfect.

13. Lumberjanes #10 | This continues to be the best.

14. Makers Gonna Make Ring | Recently I have been OBSESSSSED with rings, especially big chunky ones

15. Planter | I want to be a plant momma but I dont know where to start! Maybe a fancy planter?