This weeks craigslist roundup could be called “So do you really like chairs?”. It could be that I am putting out a chair searchy mojo out in the universe because I really want a set of beautiful mcm matching chairs for our (someday) living room and I may be *focusing* on it a teensy tiny bit (a lot). Anyways, enjoy the round up (hopefully you like chairs 😉 ) !

*Note* These are not my listings, but rather interesting things I found while searching. All pictures belong to their owners, and the prices are their own (and subject to change at their will) . Also, all these listings are for the chicago + suburb area.

Craigslist Finds - Week 23 - 2015 | ImaginationSprinkles.com #Thrifting #Chicagoland


  1. Love orange? Check! Love Rolly Chairs? Check !  All set with these right here.
  2. All the owls you would ever need (but not all the owls you may want) – This dealer is actually nearish my home and I can tell you that there is A LOT more than this even.
  3. This gorgeous fuchsia chair even has a little footstool in some of the other pictures. Squee!
  4. I still have an ongoing love affair with all mid century modern hutches but this one has some beautiful details that I am ooohing and ahhhing over.
  5. These are the chairs I really really want but alas dont have the room for. Anyone else love a good orange chair?
  6. This foldable drink cart is just the right amount of cute, dontcha think?
  7. This chair seems like it would just envelop you! This listing is also on my REALLY WANT list.
  8. RUN – don’t walk – if you have the means to pick up this incredibly affordable Danish Teak Hutch. Seriously? If only I had the room and a large truck.
  9. We dont need any more coffee tables in this house, but this one is very pretty.


What about you guys? Find any good craigslist scores lately? Picking up one of the aforementioned listings? Tell me about it in the comments!