Are you feeling the spring yet? I am still suspicious of this new found warm weather (considering that it was FREEZING like … oh 2 days ago) but I am getting excited for some grilling / hanging outside. At our current place we have a nice little patio with woefully little on it despite its cuteness. I was thinking it was time for an update to our outside decor.

FOUND | Spring / Outside Decor Edition – 2014 | ImaginationSprinkles.com #Outside #Decor



1. Continuing our love in this house hold of teal (& orange), I’m imagining putting a little cooler in this cart filled with refreshing fancy pops.

2. Twinkle lights add a little magic to any space.

3. Seriously!?! A way to make perfect non messy smores… yessss!

4. This table + chairs set is my absolute favorite — the wood type is beautiful and it looks super functional.

5. This rug would give us a nice pop of orange!

6. We need a grill cause we are currently using just a george forman (don’t laugh) — this little one seems like just the ticket.


So what are you doing for the upcoming spring? Are you also dreaming of outdoor dining  or is the hum of the air conditioner calling you ?