This month as a little wind up to the new season of Doctor Who premiere (September 19th, 2015) I am going to feature Doctor Who inspired features all month affectionately called “Doctor Who Month ”  (Yay!). We LOVE Doctor Who in this house… like LOVE LOVE it. I thought the best start of this month would be a Woman Crush Wednesday for the latest companion, Clara Oswald.  Now I know that everyone has STRONG opinion about companions (and who is the best), I like them all for different reasons. Clara is smart, witty, and best of all – NOT perfect. I think she plays really well with the newest doctor .

WCW | Clara Oswald – Doctor Who Companion | IMAGINATION SPRINKLES

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Ive compiled some of the best Clara inspired merch from around the internet. I couldn’t really decide from all these shirts, and the plaid dress is divine. Also, I need this – Alice X. Zhang digital print asap!

That’s it for this companion WCW . Now tell me, who is your favorite companion? Do you enjoy Clara Oswald?